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Useful Websites

The following links are to a few informative immigration, government, and other legal websites that you might find useful. If you still have questions about your legal issue, contact Beacon Legal Group today for a free consultation.

  1. The United States Courts website contains information about the federal courts, judges and judgeships, links to court records, statistics, and much more.
  1. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website contains a huge amount of information about different visas available to enter the U.S., the citizenship and Green Card processes, form updates, and more.
  1. The U.S. State Department website contains information for U.S. citizens and international travelers about how to obtain U.S. passports, various types of travel visas, and travel warnings.
  1. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security website contains information about how to e-verify potential employees, report cyber incidents, get information about various types of travel visas, and more.
  1. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection website contains an assortment of information for international visitors, permanent residents, and U.S. citizens about coming to the United States to work, study, conduct business, and/or immigrate.
  1. The Arkansas State website includes information about state government offices, elected officials, resources for businesses, visitors, and residents, and much more.
  1. The Pulaski County website lists county services and projects, elected officials, fun activities, and more.
  1. The City of Little Rock, Arkansas website contains information for people who live in, work in, and travel to the capital city, including contact information for city departments, dates of board meetings, employment resources, and much more.


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