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Hernia Mesh

Hernia Mesh — Infection & Failure

Typically, a hernia occurs when an organ (usually involving the stomach or intestine) pushes through the muscle or tissue holding it in place. Treatment options can include surgical repair, often involving the use of hernia mesh implants to stabilize the weakened tissue.

Possible Personal Injury: Infection & Mesh Failure

Unfortunately, some hernia mesh products, including Ethicon Physiomesh, Atrium C-QUR Mesh products, and Bard Kugel and Ventralex products, have been associated with dangerous personal injury such as infection, migration, perforation, and blockages, as well as hernia reoccurrence, and the need for additional surgical intervention.

History of Hernia Mesh

Surgery is the only treatment that can permanently repair a hernia. Hernia mesh is used in about 90 percent of those surgeries. Surgeons can perform repairs with or without hernia mesh. But mesh has become more common since the 1980s.

Doctors may use minimally-invasive techniques to implant hernia mesh. This is called laparoscopic surgery. It requires only small incisions. Surgeons place surgical tools through the incisions to implant the mesh.

Open repair is another technique. It requires a large incision that opens the body to the hernia. Surgeons attach the mesh to the damaged tissue then close the wound.

Hernia Mesh Warnings & Recalls

What causes the complications can vary depending on the hernia mesh product. Many hernia mesh products contain a type of plastic known as polypropylene, the same material that is used to make many types of pelvic mesh and bladder slings that have proven to cause issues.

The FDA has announced several manufacturers’ recalls, and issued a Safety Communication in 2014, warning the public about adverse events linked to hernia mesh.

Patients injured by hernia mesh have filed personal injury lawsuits against the manufactures for knowing the mesh is faulty and poorly designed and hiding the risks. Companies who issued recalls of their hernia mesh products include Atrium Medical Corporation, Covidien, Bard Davol, and Ethicon.

Why Beacon Legal Group Should Be Personal Injury Your Attorney

BLG maintains a team of specially trained professionals to guide you through your hernia mesh personal injury lawsuit. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, permanent impairments suffered, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages where appropriate.

BLG Fees and Costs

BLG covers all fees and costs to pursue your hernia mesh case. We only collect our fees and costs if we win for you through a settlement or a judgment.

Free Case Evaluation

BLG will evaluate your personal injury case with no obligation on your part. We only invite you to be our client if we believe your case has merit.

If you or someone you love suffered from hernia mesh side effects, you may be eligible for compensation. Submit your request for a free case evaluation now. We have a team of caring and compassionate hernia mesh lawsuit attorneys ready to help.

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