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Why You Need to Stay Alert in the Parking Lot

Parking lots can be dangerous, especially if others aren’t paying attention.  According to the National Safety Council (NSC), tens of thousands of accidents occur in parking lots each year.  Ensure that you stay alert in parking lots by avoiding dark, secluded areas, watching for cars backing up, and remaining aware of your surroundings at all times.

In this article, a Little Rock personal injury lawyer explains why parking lots are dangerous, where most accidents occur, parking lot safety tips…

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9 Tips for Driving Near Trucks & Other Dangerous Vehicles

Arkansas sees its fair share of commercial traffic.  According to a state highway route map from the Arkansas Department of Transportation, a single highway can see up to 9,500 trucks in one day.  That’s just one of the many reasons why it’s important to periodically refresh your defensive driving skills to stay as safe as possible.

In this post, a Little Rock truck accident lawyer shares 9 tips for driving near trucks, trailers, and other dangerous vehicles.

Be Aware of Blind Spots

Blind spo…

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How to Spot & Avoid Drunk Drivers

0.08% is the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration before driving under intoxication (DUI).  However, alcohol begins to affect the brain at 0.02%, negatively impacting visual functions and judgment abilities.

A drunk driver may give away their mental state by engaging in dangerous driving maneuvers beyond simple mistakes.  If you face this situation while on a road or highway, it’s vital to safely create distance between you and the drunk driver.  Then, you should report the incident to la…

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Hurt in an Arkansas Car Wreck? Here’s What to Do Next

Call 9-1-1 if you are hurt in an Arkansas car wreck. Then, seek immediate medical attention.

Next, you should protect your possible compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Even if you are disoriented, it is critical to have an after-accident plan in place and get through the incident to protect your rights in the event of a potential claim.

In this post, the team at Beacon Legal Group outlines the 6 steps you should take if you or a family member suffered from injur…

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Icy Roads in Arkansas: How to Protect Yourself

While Arkansas may see fewer snow days than other states, we get our fair share of icy precipitation—especially in the northern parts of the state. But Arkansas’ inconsistent weather patterns make it difficult for drivers to practice driving in these dangerous conditions. In this article, a Little Rock car accident lawyer from Beacon Legal Group offers 12 tips for protecting yourself on icy roads in Arkansas.

12 Tips for Driving on Icy Arkansas Roads

Tip #1: Drive 10 MPH Below Posted Speed Lim…

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How to Make a Drunk Driving Liability Claim in Arkansas

You can make a drunk driving liability claim in Arkansas to pay for the losses associated with your injuries.  The process typically involves filing a claim, protecting your case, and working with an accident injury lawyer.  If you do not receive an adequate and fair settlement, you may opt to take your case to a civil trial.

In this post, we’ll discuss what you should know about Arkansas drunk driving liability claims, how to file one, and vital tips for dealing with the insurance company.


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Car Accidents & Road Construction: What Are Your Rights in Arkansas?

Road construction improves our community, but it can be stressful to endure in the process.  From traffic delays to unsafe conditions, many issues can occur at any point.

It is your duty and responsibility as a driver to slow down and drive as safely as possible in a construction zone.  Road construction crews also hold a duty of care towards the public by keeping worksites safe.  If a construction zone accident occurs due to the negligence of a contractor, company, or government entity, those …

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