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What happens when your clients have issues outside of your main practice areas? Can you safely advise your client regarding its chances of getting sued because of something on its website? Can you help your client hire a brilliant foreign national with incredibly rare skills? What if your appeal has been accepted but you can't remember the last time you argued a case at any of the higher courts?

Depending on your practice, handling issues like these might be outside your professional (and ethical) comfort zone unless you plan to spend countless hours trying to get up to speed on recent case law and procedure, and cross your fingers that you don’t mess up and miss something important...

Your other option: let BLG enhance the legal representation your firm provides. We have a fairly unique skillset (learn more throughout our website) so we love when other attorneys associate with us to advise clients on matters within our specific areas of practice, so that they can continue to advise them on everything else.

Contact us today. We look forward to discussing how we can work together.

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