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Online Presence Audit

Could your business online presence bring you trouble? How do you get all of the good and none of the bad from your website?

A company's online presence is not just its website; it is everywhere the company appears online, which may include social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), online directories, and anywhere else. The web makes it incredibly easy to sit in your office and engage customers from across the street and around the globe, but it also makes it incredibly easy to forget that you have to follow the laws of your land AND of that far away country, even if you have never set foot on its soil.

Beacon Legal Group uses a process called an “online presence audit” to evaluate how a company presents itself online and the likelihood that it could subject the company to legal liability. Our audits assess the entirety of a company’s online presence as well as the company’s internal policies governing that presence so that our clients can answer questions like these with certainty:

  • Who makes sure your content is compliant, and with which regulations?
  • Are there any restrictions on who can post content to your website and social media profiles?
  • Is your website’s privacy policy consistent with how your company actually uses customers’ personal information? (Does your website even have a privacy policy?)

If you can’t answer these simple questions, an online presence audit from Beacon Legal Group might help you fill in the blanks. Click here for BLG's "Website Legal Checklist" which lists some common issues that website owners encounter. 

Contact BLG today to see how we can put our unique skills to work for you.