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“Discovery” is the process through which opposing parties in a legal dispute obtain information from each other after a law suit has been filed in court but before trial. When records were only kept on paper, parties could end up having to sort through hundreds of boxes containing thousands of sheets of paper to find relevant facts.

What is “eDiscovery?” eDiscovery is the process of obtaining the facts from electronically stored information (ESI).  Even though most of the rules of civil procedure and of evidence apply to eDiscovery the same way they apply to traditional discovery, eDiscovery has its own sets of issues:

  1. How to make sure a lack of understanding about ESI doesn’t lead to rule violations and court sanctions
  2. How to accurately use predictive coding
  3. How the costs of obtaining ESI should be apportioned
  4. How to interpret eDiscovery-specific rules
  5. Why businesses should be proactive about storing ESI (instead of waiting until they get sued)

It is often said that eDiscovery starts in the hands of those who do not understand the technology (attorneys) and ends up in the hands of those who do not understand the law (IT personnel). 

At Beacon Legal Group, our eDiscovery attorney team understands the technology and the law. We speak geek and we practice ‘nerd law’; that means we can work with you directly or with your existing legal counsel to facilitate the eDiscovery process so you can feel confident you are providing – and receiving – the exact information you should be.


Contact Beacon Legal Group today to speak to an experienced eDiscovery attorney and see how we can put our unique skills to work for you.