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Back in the day, people drove to brick-and-mortar stores to make purchases. Now, however, most successful merchants also (or sometimes solely) sell their products online. Buying and selling goods over the internet has become known as eCommerce.

Although most of the rights and restrictions that apply to physical stores also apply online, the virtual world has presented distinct issues.  Many eCommerce disputes stem from the web’s lack of geographic restrictions. This is good because sellers can engage with an infinitely larger pool of potential customers, but sellers must also, then, comply with potentially huge sets of eCommerce regulations from neighboring and far-away states and countries. Other issues include the security of in-app purchases, terms to include in online contests, and special wording for online vendor contracts.

Beacon Legal Group can assist you with many legal aspects of your business operations, especially if you engage in eCommerce. Regulations can be difficult to decipher, but our team’s unique combination of technological, business, and legal experience can help you stay ahead of the challenges of doing business down the street and across the globe.

Contact BLG today to see how we can put our unique skills to work for you.